Friday, January 7, 2011

Post #2 | It Changes Colors!

Last night, Jon showed Gav that one of his Lightning McQueen cars can change colors. I would have liked to keep this a secret (or reserved for bath time), but now he knows and I can’t keep him away from the sink.

This is the car.

IMG_3648 Jan7


IMG_3653 Jan7


IMG_3655 Jan7IMG_3654 Jan7


IMG_3656 Jan7

B just lounged on the floor while we changed Lightning’s colors.

IMG_3658 Jan7

Then, Gav ate some pizza (dipped in Ranch, of course. Uncle Trey would be proud!)

IMG_3660 Jan7

Today, B played with Scout… he really wanted Gav to play with him, too. Gav was a little involved in The Backyardigans, but he finally gave in and played a bit.

IMG_3666 Jan7IMG_3667 Jan7IMG_3668 Jan7IMG_3669 Jan7

And, of course, a nap on the floor :) This kid can sleep anywhere.

IMG_3662 Jan7

That’s all for now! I’m now using Window’s Live Writer. Blogging is MUCH easier!

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  1. Love the pics..Love Gavins tounge sticking out...his Grandpa Kelley did that a lot when he was concentrating :). And I love the spit bubbles in Brocks mouth while he's napping!