Monday, January 17, 2011

A little bit of catching up…

So, are you ready for almost a week’s worth of catching up? Let’s see if I remember everything from last Tuesday on!

Tuesday, the 11th, I was bad. I didn’t take out my camera at all. Why? I have no idea. Lazy. I did get one photo on my phone! I only  had a split second for this photo, so camera phone it was!

Gav put B under the laundry basket. B didn’t care though. He was his normal, happy self and just kept playing.


Wednesday. We had MOPS again, finally!! It was freezing, but we braved the cold and got out of the house. Gav had fun playing in his “class” again. I’m so very thankful we’re able to go to MOPS. That afternoon, the boys were so tired. At nap, Gav had to sleep with all of his toys. Tons of toys!

IMG_3788 Jan11-14IMG_3790 Jan11-14IMG_3791 Jan11-14

Brock was a happy little guy when he woke up!

IMG_3794 Jan11-14

Thursday. Brock decided to play with my lens cap, so I decided to take a few photos!

IMG_3832 Jan11-14IMG_3837 Jan11-14IMG_3838 Jan11-14IMG_3841 Jan11-14

That night, Gav wanted to sleep in his tent. It’s not quite big enough for sleeping, but whatever.

IMG_3858 Jan11-14

Friday, we went to Columbus. Mama needed a haircut! :) Once again, Sherrie got Gav a new toy! Surprise, another Buzz!!

IMG_3859 Jan11-14IMG_3860 Jan11-14

He wanted a picture with silly Jasper, too.

IMG_3863 Jan11-14

Saturday. I had a photo session with Miss Taryn. :) I haven’t edited those yet… I’m workin’ on it. Here is a photo I took that day. I had a heck of a time with my setup. Seamless, baseboard, wood floor. I’ll try again with B for his 6 month photos this week! Thankfully, Aaron helped me and we got it! Kind of….

IMG_3873 Jan11-14

I also got a picture of their standout they ordered from me! Beautiful. A photo of it does not do it justice.

IMG_3959 Jan15-17

I also went out with my girlfriends that night, but left the camera at home. Oops.

Sunday. We came back home! Only 2 photos on Sunday. My snoozin’ boys! They looked too sweet, so I pulled over and took some photos of them. Don’t you just love Gav’s shirt?

IMG_3969 Jan15-17

IMG_3971 Jan15-17

Today!!!! **caught up**

We’ve got a mover. No, B isn’t crawling yet, but he can sure move in circles! See the toys behind him? He was playing with them. Shortly after this photo, he was turned back around playing with them again! :)

IMG_3977 Jan15-17

I think that’s it for today!!!

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