Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brock Update

Most of you know that earlier this summer, Brock had some stomach issues going on. Basically 5-6 weeks of disgusting diapers. The doc ran a bunch of tests and they all came back fine. She told us that she wanted to run a Celiac panel on him to check for Celiac Disease. People with Celiac Disease have to be on gluten free diets, so after the doc took his blood we put him on a gluten free (GF) diet. Within 24-48 hours of going GF, we started noticing a huge improvement in his diapers (poo). That next week, I thought that maybe it was a coincidence that his diapers cleared up about the same time we went GF, so I gave him food with gluten. Big mistake!! So, the rest of summer (Since beginning of July) he has been o a GF diet. I wouldn’t say is poo is “normal” but definitely way, way, way better than before. The Celiac panel came back negative, but it can be negative and he could still have Celiac disease. The only true way to test is by a biopsy of part of the intestine.

August 15th, we went to a GI doc who we were referred to by our pedi. The doc was at Children’s Mercy here in KC and she was FABULOUS! I can’t say enough good things about that place. She checked him all out and took in all of his medical history. I told her all about his breathing/asthma issues. She listened to his breathing which was normal that day. She noticed he had dark circles under his eyes and asked how long they’d been there. Um, always?! She also asked about eczema, which I told her he does get some patches now and then. She said that all of these things combined leads her to believe that there is some allergy. Just what? She took some stool samples while we were there and also ran another Celiac Panel. All of these tests came back normal as well.

For now, he’s on a dairy free and GF diet. He drinks soy milk right now. Once we determine that he does okay with the soy, we’ll re-introduce whole milk and see how he does. If he does well with the whole milk, we will try to re-introduce gluten into his diet. If every time we introduce gluten he has issues, then we’ll talk about doing the biopsy. Fun, huh? We still have no real answers, but the dairy free and GF diet is working for us, so I’m not too worried.

No blog post is complete without photos, so here are some recents of Brock :)


Summer is coming to an end…

Now that Gavin has started school, I can feel Summer coming to an end. Days aren’t quite as hot, nights are cooler and it’s even getting dark a little earlier. I haven’t gotten my camera out much lately. I’m not sure why though. Here are some recent-ish Summer photos. Maybe when it’s 5 degrees I will look at these and feel warmer for a bit :)

We got Brock this water table for his birthday. It’s a huge hit with both boys. So much fun :)


Jon showing them how it really works ;)


So much fun, even a bink gets abandoned


Brock is totally not afraid of the water. Turning to grab a towel is even dangerous with this kid.


A genuine smile from my little stinker ♥


One night, Gavin wanted to swim. It was about 8:00, so I told him to put his suit on (which he put on backwards ♥) and we’d turn the tub into a pool


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gav starts preschool

Yes, you read that right. Gavin started preschool today. It’s so crazy! He’ll always be my baby, but he’s growing up so fast! I have been so nervous waiting for this day, my skin looks like I’m 15 again! Since the first day is over, I think we can call it a success! He had fun, I think. He did try to take one of the cars from the class, but we took it back in ;) He didn’t know he was doing anything wrong until I told him. I only got a few photos of the day because I was nervous and rushed ;)

I saw this on Pinterest this morning and HAD to do it. I think I’ll do it every year.


My silly Gavin.


I wanted a photo of him in front of the school, yeah, he didn’t.

IMG_1046bw IMG_1050

My big boy and his Bumblebee backpack on his way into school.

IMG_1051 IMG_1054

I forgot to charge my SL batteries, so the rest are with available light and ISO 1000+ ;) not ideal, but whatever.

IMG_1058 IMG_1061 IMG_1067

*big breath* going into his class. No, I didn’t cry.


I hope the rest of the year is fabulous for him. It’s definitely a big adjustment for all of us. Prayers would be appreciated ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Brock’s Big Bash!

I still can’t believe that Brock is one! It just blows my mind. How did the year fly by so fast? How did he go from that 7lb 6oz little bundle to this 25lb 11oz little man? It’s just nuts!

His party was a success! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped me get ready. Especially Aunt ‘Manda who helped with everything from the birthday shirt to cupcakes!

Brock was totally not interested in presents. I ended up opening them all for him :)


Making his rounds


I just love him :)


Saw this cake idea online. It was perfect. Thank you to Jon and Greg for working hard to make the 3D house ;) Also, thanks to the 5 people it took to get the balloons to look right.


B got a water table. It was a HIT.


It was soooo hot. We set up a couple kiddie pools and a slip n slide. Fun!


Cake time. Like I said, it was hot. B was tired. He was crabby.


Did I mention it was an Up themed party?


Miss Taryn


My grandpa said that we needed to tie a note to the balloons and let them go…. so we did.


Photo booth fun!