Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brock Update

Most of you know that earlier this summer, Brock had some stomach issues going on. Basically 5-6 weeks of disgusting diapers. The doc ran a bunch of tests and they all came back fine. She told us that she wanted to run a Celiac panel on him to check for Celiac Disease. People with Celiac Disease have to be on gluten free diets, so after the doc took his blood we put him on a gluten free (GF) diet. Within 24-48 hours of going GF, we started noticing a huge improvement in his diapers (poo). That next week, I thought that maybe it was a coincidence that his diapers cleared up about the same time we went GF, so I gave him food with gluten. Big mistake!! So, the rest of summer (Since beginning of July) he has been o a GF diet. I wouldn’t say is poo is “normal” but definitely way, way, way better than before. The Celiac panel came back negative, but it can be negative and he could still have Celiac disease. The only true way to test is by a biopsy of part of the intestine.

August 15th, we went to a GI doc who we were referred to by our pedi. The doc was at Children’s Mercy here in KC and she was FABULOUS! I can’t say enough good things about that place. She checked him all out and took in all of his medical history. I told her all about his breathing/asthma issues. She listened to his breathing which was normal that day. She noticed he had dark circles under his eyes and asked how long they’d been there. Um, always?! She also asked about eczema, which I told her he does get some patches now and then. She said that all of these things combined leads her to believe that there is some allergy. Just what? She took some stool samples while we were there and also ran another Celiac Panel. All of these tests came back normal as well.

For now, he’s on a dairy free and GF diet. He drinks soy milk right now. Once we determine that he does okay with the soy, we’ll re-introduce whole milk and see how he does. If he does well with the whole milk, we will try to re-introduce gluten into his diet. If every time we introduce gluten he has issues, then we’ll talk about doing the biopsy. Fun, huh? We still have no real answers, but the dairy free and GF diet is working for us, so I’m not too worried.

No blog post is complete without photos, so here are some recents of Brock :)


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  1. hes such a big handsome boy. If you dont get answers, I hope you at least get a good diet established for him. I cant imagine how har this must be on all of you.