Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For Easter photos, we got together with my adorable nephews and I took some photos of the boys. They were all too handsome. I got pictures of all of them together, and then individually. Gav cooperated about as much as usual and sadly, I didn’t get any photos of just my boys. We are going to try again soon.

Here’s how Gav started out… hmm…






B’s 9 month photos.



The nephews.


Typical Gavin. B fell out of the chair, so he had to pretend he did too.



These are not watermarked, obviously. Do not steal them. Images copyright Studio D Photography by Heather.

Do you hate me?

I have been so busy lately! I haven’t blogged in forever! It’s a good thing I left you all with three (right?!) posts and a sweet video of the chubbster. Between sessions, family things, sick babies, doctor appts and work, I have neglected this blog. I am so terribly sorry. I think I’ll have a few posts for you today! :)

Let’s just post some photos, shall we?

It’s been so long since I blogged, I haven’t shown B’s first tooth! Here it is. He now has two ;) He has been much crabbier with his teeth than Gav ever was. We ordered him an amber teething necklace (which came today), so maybe it will help.


And what’s better than sibling love?! Not much. Seeing my kids together is enough proof to me that everyone should have at least two kids :) They melt my heart.


Here’s B and T :) They have an arranged marriage someday. They love each other all ready.


A couple weeks ago, Gav got a new bed. It’s a bunk bed! Trundle underneath, dresser, shelves for books and his TV and a closet in the back. It’s so great and he loves it! He doesn’t sleep on the top though. Jon freaked him out.


B and his friend C :)


B got a hold of a random marker. Oops. This was after I cleaned his face and attempted to clean his tongue. Luckily, He likes to stick his tongue out, so I could get a picture.


New toy! Actually, it’s been in the box since Christmas. B is now big enough for it!


And who doesn’t love a little baby tush and some rolls?! Ignore the slobbery handprints on the window.


Bath time is so much fun! Last week, the boys took a bubble bath. We won’t be doing that for a while. Gav tried to suffocate B with the bubbles. They had fun, but it was a little stressful for me.


Another thing that stresses me out? Babies who stand up in the tub! EEK!


After bath, B had crazy hair.


Crabby from teeth.


We also got a baby gate! B can roam the whole house! Yay… I mean, YIKES!


Sorry these are in random order! I have more to share… I have no idea which pictures were taken on which dates. I need to stay on top of this!

More coming….

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loving Milestones

In a recent post, I said something about how B had mastered crawling. Well, here's a video to prove it, for all you skeptics out there. He's also learned how to clap.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Storyboard fun!

Because I had time while my boys napped today, I put some photos from the weekend into some storyboards. I didn't design the storyboards, but I did add the photos! I got the templates from The CoffeeShop Blog! :)


Just wanted to share a quick comparison of my boys. Same shirt, totally different ages. Gav wearing it at about 18 months and Brock wearing it at 8 1/2 months. So funny how different they are!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunshine and Smiles

We have some amazing weather this weekend. The sunshine brightened our moods and let us get out and soak up the sun. I’ve taken so many photos this weekend, I’ve lost count. Right now, I’m sitting in our newly cleaned basement (Spring Cleaning… joy.), listening to my boys play and laugh, editing photos and writing this post. I hope these photos can warm your soul like the do mine.


First, one from Friday. My sleeping angel. This is exactly how he sleeps at night. Bink? Check. Seahorse? Check. Small blanket for face rubbing? Check. Covers? Check.


Now, back to warm weather. Saturday, B woke up early from his nap, so we went outside while Gavin napped.


That night, we went to the park. These next photos are overexposed, but hilarious! :)


Gav is getting so big. He had to try out every toy. He had them all figured out.


He also loves to swing. He says, “Faster, faster,” but when I push him the slightest bit, he freaks. Goof.


The park in Columbus has some of these sand diggers, and boy, Gav was excited to see them here!!


I rode the teeter-totter with him. I weigh too much ;)


B had his first swing ride… I think he liked it!


Hmm… wonder what those kids are doing….


My happy guy.


Checkin’ out the girl swinging next to him.


I was trying to take a photo of B, but Gav was jealous. Here he is all red-faced from playing outside. I love my stinky boy!


Happy guy!


Our three children.


Spiderman? ;)