Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi, I’m a bad blogger.

Yeah, no other title for this. This will be another “catch-up” entry. Not sure why I’ve been neglecting this, but I hope to get better. Let’s see, I last blogged last Monday, so let’s start with Tuesday, shall we?

Tuesday seems to be my “cell phone photo” day. Brock had his 6 month appointment on Tuesday. Boy, do I hate these appointments. He definitely does not like getting his shots. I mean, who would? This photo was taken while we were waiting for his shots….


Wednesday, Gav and I rearranged his room. I also found out that he decided to steal a marker and color on Woody’s face. Shame on him ;) He’s become obsessed with reading (yay!!!) so I thought moving his bookshelf closer to his bed would be good. Jon and I snuggle in bed with him and read him a bedtime story. He loves it!!


B thought really hard about stealing Gav’s Buzz car. He tried really hard to grab it… no luck.


Later, I heard Gav in the bathtub. I knew there was no water. He was naked, playing with a bar of soap. *sigh* He also found Jon’s glasses and had to try them on. Does he look like his dad?


Thursday was a great day!!! Not only was B super duper cute in his Lightning McQueen jammies, but he learned to sit! Well, tripod, but still sitting!!! :)


How cute is he???


Gav was jealous of B’s jams, so he went and found some Mater ones. Yeah, size 12 months.


Gav also decided  he will be the one to feed Brock. Hey, works for me…. as long as B gets a bath afterwards!!


Friday. Jon stayed home (woo hoo!) and the boys took me out to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. Yum-o! Gav got a balloon sword. Well, actually he got 2. One popped and they had to make him another. Talk about tears!!!


Saturday, I took B’s 6 month photos. I am making a separate post for them because they’re way too cute to get lost in this post!!

Sunday. Jon went to Columbus to work on our rental… joy…. The boys and I stayed home.


Monday. Just lounged again. It’s a little too chilly to get the boys in and out of the car. Sorry this photo looks so blue. I just noticed it. Not going to fix it ;)



Brock can get anywhere he wants by rolling. He’s our little Roly Poly! :) Here he is sneaking things off of the coffee table…

Choosing carefully….


Going for the movie… nope, the magazine!


Gav wasn’t feeling too well.


Wednesday (Today!!) Silly boy.


“No, Mom! Take pictures Brocky!”


Next entry, 6 month photos! Be prepared for chubbiness! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A little bit of catching up…

So, are you ready for almost a week’s worth of catching up? Let’s see if I remember everything from last Tuesday on!

Tuesday, the 11th, I was bad. I didn’t take out my camera at all. Why? I have no idea. Lazy. I did get one photo on my phone! I only  had a split second for this photo, so camera phone it was!

Gav put B under the laundry basket. B didn’t care though. He was his normal, happy self and just kept playing.


Wednesday. We had MOPS again, finally!! It was freezing, but we braved the cold and got out of the house. Gav had fun playing in his “class” again. I’m so very thankful we’re able to go to MOPS. That afternoon, the boys were so tired. At nap, Gav had to sleep with all of his toys. Tons of toys!

IMG_3788 Jan11-14IMG_3790 Jan11-14IMG_3791 Jan11-14

Brock was a happy little guy when he woke up!

IMG_3794 Jan11-14

Thursday. Brock decided to play with my lens cap, so I decided to take a few photos!

IMG_3832 Jan11-14IMG_3837 Jan11-14IMG_3838 Jan11-14IMG_3841 Jan11-14

That night, Gav wanted to sleep in his tent. It’s not quite big enough for sleeping, but whatever.

IMG_3858 Jan11-14

Friday, we went to Columbus. Mama needed a haircut! :) Once again, Sherrie got Gav a new toy! Surprise, another Buzz!!

IMG_3859 Jan11-14IMG_3860 Jan11-14

He wanted a picture with silly Jasper, too.

IMG_3863 Jan11-14

Saturday. I had a photo session with Miss Taryn. :) I haven’t edited those yet… I’m workin’ on it. Here is a photo I took that day. I had a heck of a time with my setup. Seamless, baseboard, wood floor. I’ll try again with B for his 6 month photos this week! Thankfully, Aaron helped me and we got it! Kind of….

IMG_3873 Jan11-14

I also got a picture of their standout they ordered from me! Beautiful. A photo of it does not do it justice.

IMG_3959 Jan15-17

I also went out with my girlfriends that night, but left the camera at home. Oops.

Sunday. We came back home! Only 2 photos on Sunday. My snoozin’ boys! They looked too sweet, so I pulled over and took some photos of them. Don’t you just love Gav’s shirt?

IMG_3969 Jan15-17

IMG_3971 Jan15-17

Today!!!! **caught up**

We’ve got a mover. No, B isn’t crawling yet, but he can sure move in circles! See the toys behind him? He was playing with them. Shortly after this photo, he was turned back around playing with them again! :)

IMG_3977 Jan15-17

I think that’s it for today!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3: About me | My first love

Day 3-Your first love

Ahhh... my first love. My first *real* love was Jon. BUT.... If I were to tell you about my first love, I'd have to go back to the second grade. Yes, second grade. His name was Tim... Tim McGraw. No joke. In the second grade, I could see my future. My future as Mrs. Tim McGraw. I honestly thought I'd marry him someday. Then, in the 4th grade, my wonderful parents (actually the Easter bunny) brought me some tickets to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert. It was the Spontaneous Combustion Tour. I was ECSTATIC!!! The concert was fab... until they kissed. My heart was broken. Still, I knew they'd never work out and we'd be married and have beautiful babies. Yes, at 10 I was planning my babies ;) Then... the announcement came. They were engaged. I was heartbroken. I still love him, though. Even got Jon to go to a concert last year with me. 14 years after that first concert, I still loved it. :) Plus to this concert, no Faith!

That's all for today folks!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 2: Blog Name

Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name

Well, this one's easy. The DePratt Family. That's who we are! Also, if you look at the top you'll see "The Boys & Me" is what I've named this. Why? Because I'm surrounded by boys. Even the dog is a boy! Also makes me think of an old Sawyer Brown song with the same name ;) Link to Saywer Brown video.

Now, off to youtube more Sawyer Brown videos. I forgot how much I loved them back in the day!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

About Me: Day 1–Introduction

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Let’s see… My name is Heather. I’m married to my best friend. He practically begged me to go on a date with him when I was 17 and we’ve been together ever since ;) We have 2 wonderful boys, Gavin (almost 3 years) and Brock (about 6 months). I am a SAHM/WAHM. I do graphic design work for a small print shop in Miami, OK and I do a little photography for my business Studio D Photography by Heather.

Here is the most recent picture of me :)

IMG_3765 Jan8-10

15 Random Facts about me.

1. I’m addicted to Pepsi. Possibly one of the greatest things ever invented!

2. I went to Europe when I was 16.

3. My husband is the first and only love of my life!

4. I’m a text-a-holic. I’m getting better, but I just love texting!

5. My favorite movies are: Silence of the Lambs, Dennis the Menace, and Steel Magnolias. In no particular order ;)

6. In the 2nd grade, I truly thought I would marry Tim McGraw someday. You see how that worked out.

7. I usually don’t like feeding our dog and I make Jon do it. It grosses me out.

8. I’m scared to death of cows.

9. I hate cleaning. I put it off as long as possible!

10. I watch Criminal Minds practically every night. It’s one of the greatest TV shows ever!!

11. I’ve always wanted 4 kids. Jon says 3 is his limit… we will see :)

12. 2 kids, no stretch marks. This is one reason I think maybe we should stop at 2 kids ;)

13. I hate shaving my legs!

14. I’m addicted to my camera!!

15. I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone.

Whew. That wasn’t so bad!

It’s my birthday and a snow day!

Well, happy birthday to me! We got tons of snow. Almost 5 inches as of 1:00 this afternoon and it’s been coming down ever since. I love it! I took the boys out today. Gav and Boss loved it. B didn’t like being bundled up. So, Gav and I came back in and then went back out when B was down for a nap. Here are some photos from the day!

IMG_3715 Jan8-10IMG_3729 Jan8-10IMG_3740 Jan8-10IMG_3743 Jan8-10IMG_3746 Jan8-10IMG_3749 Jan8-10IMG_3747 Jan8-10IMG_3755 Jan8-10IMG_3759 Jan8-10IMG_3761 Jan8-10IMG_3763 Jan8-10IMG_3764 Jan8-10IMG_3767 Jan8-10editIMG_3765 Jan8-10IMG_3768 Jan8-10IMG_3776 Jan8-10IMG_3779 Jan8-10

We’ve really enjoyed this snow!! I hope it sticks around a bit.