Saturday, January 18, 2014

Six Months

That's right, six months. Six months since our little Norah joined our family. That means it's six months until we celebrate her first birthday. Time needs to slow down.

It's crazy  how our 5lb 10.9oz. peanut has grown.

Six month stats:
13lbs. 13oz.   -  9%
26 inches  -  53%
Head circumference 15.75 inches - 1% (small noggin)

Tall and skinny. Where did she get that? ;)

She's working on her crawling skills.  (ignore the puke on the lip)

She grabs her feet, which is my favorite baby milestone.

She's not sleeping as well as she used to, but she'll get there eventually.
She loves to eat! Not a huge fan of baby food, but wants whatever we are eating. 
She rolls all over the place and gets whatever she wants. 

She's just so fun!
I finally busted out the pink seamless and girly things and took her six month photos. I couldn't be more in love with them! Now, which ones to print?

Happy six months, sweet peanut. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

A little fun with gifs

Jon was playing around with my camera and saw the photos I took of Norah today. (her 6 month photos!)

We decided they needed put into gif form ;)

First, dancing Norah :)


Finally, she can now say "mom"

Happy Friday, friends!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello, 2014!

Wow, 2014. That's just crazy. Before I post anything new and exciting, let's recap 2013. Shall we?

January: We announced we were expecting #3. We all (minus Jon) had a horrific stomach bug, but we lived to tell about it. ;)
February: Gavin turned 5! We got a ton of snow and now he thinks it will always snow on his bday. 
March: It's a girl! Words I never thought we'd hear. I'm so glad we did!
April: The beginning of t-ball. Oh, t-ball. Gavin is SO good at baseball, but he wasn't a fan of all the standing around. Maybe this year we will do soccer instead.
May: Big, busy month. My bros graduated (high school and college) and Trey and Carol got married. The little dudes were the cutest ring bearers I've ever seen.
June: I was beginning to get large and uncomfortable. Went to Columbus for last pre-Norah photo sessions. Snuck in photos of the boys.
July: HUGE month! First Royals game as a family, soooo hot. Norah was born, surprise! Brock turned three! No big party for him in 2013, but his 4th bday will be a HUGE party!
August: Gavin started school. Kindergarten. How is that possible?
September: My mom got re-married.
October: Pumpkin patch and Halloween! Gavin was Capt. America. Brock was Ironman. Norah was the cutest kitty ever.
November: Took a trip to western Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with my gpa. He had a rough year and it was so good to spend some time with him. 
December: Norah's first Christmas! Our elf, Snowball, returned. The kids love searching for him everyday. Don't worry, they still know we celebrate Christmas because baby Jesus was born :)

Whew! What a year!
What will 2014 bring for us? Hopefully it'll just be a good, fun year. No more babies ;)
My goal for the  year is to take out the big camera more and quit relying on the iphone all the time. I still want a new iphone with a better camera though ;)

Day 2 and I've already stayed on track! 
Okay, the first few photos of Norah are from NYE, but I had to share them. She's too cute.

And.... I promise to not make this the blog of Norah. She just happens to be around all the time. 

This one is from January 1. Brock stayed up partying with us adults all night NYE. Only one who made it to midnight. So, he fell asleep on the couch at 7:15 the next night. Sweet boy.

So, hold me to it. Ask me where photos are, if I don't post for a while. Also, remind me to print some every once in a while. I'm a slacker.

Happy New Year!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello, Kindergarten!

Well, it’s here. The day I knew would come, but hoped it wouldn’t. You know, people really should warn you that babies grow and turn into big kids.

Gavin was BEYOND ready for kindergarten. I know he’ll do so well, but I just wasn’t ready to let go. Yes, he was in preschool for 2 years, but this is just different. It is the official start of his school career. From here on out, he will be going to school. He will be growing up.

I just can’t believe how fast we went from this


to this


Oh, Gavin. I pray that you have the best kindergarten year ever. I pray you make some fabulous new friends. I pray that your teacher makes a lasting impression and you’re still talking about how awesome she was 20 years from now. I know you will do so well. You’re a smarty pants. I love you, dude.



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July 10, 2013

“You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His. You’re beautiful.”

My whole pregnancy, I had assumed/hoped our baby would come a little early like Brock. I mean, my due date was only a day different from his and he came 3 weeks early. I only hoped we’d get through Brock’s birthday and then she could join our family. She apparently has a mind of her own.

On Monday, July 8, I had my 36 week appointment. I’d had a lot of contractions recently and since I dilated early-ish with the boys, I asked my midwife to check me, just for peace of mind. I told her I was prepared for her to say zero progress. That’s when she said, “I wish I could say that. You’re a 5.” I won’t lie, I teared up. I was 36 weeks and one day. Brock’s birthday party was that Saturday. I had plans. I wasn’t ready. I was a little stressed.

My midwife then told me to do nothing the rest of  the week. She told me if I had to clean for Brock’s party, I needed to have someone else do it. She told me I needed to make it to 37 weeks, the next Sunday. 6 more days. If Norah were to come before 37 weeks, she would have to spend at least 4 hours in the NICU for observation, since she wouldn’t be full term. Obviously, we wanted to avoid NICU time, so after a quick stop at Target for last minute things, I went home to do nothing.

Tuesday, I did nothing. I didn’t even shower ;) As I was eating dinner, about 6:30 pm, I started not feeling too well. I wasn’t sure if labor was starting or not, I just felt off. I told Jon I was going to take a shower, get ready, and pack my bags just in case. I did all that and then got in bed with a big cup of water and SVU reruns on USA. That’s when I knew I was for sure having contractions. I kept drinking my water and praying they’d stop. When they weren’t stopping, I called my brother to come hang out with the boys who were in bed.

On the way to the hospital, contractions were a little stronger and I knew I was in labor. I cried. I prayed. I was nervous. I wanted her to be healthy. We arrived at the hospital about 10:30. Got all hooked up, contractions 2-3 min apart, but not very strong. I was dilated 6 cm. We were staying. After walking the halls a bit, bouncing  around my room, and bouncing on a birthing ball, my contractions picked up. They weren’t very strong, but stronger than they had been. At 3 am, they broke my water to get things moving. I was still having contractions every couple minutes, but not strong. I was dilated 7 cm.


At 4:20 am, I felt my first painful contraction. The first one I had to really breathe through. By 4:30 am (7-8 cm), I was second guessing my choice to try to not get an epidural. I knew she was going to have to spend time in the NICU (hopefully just 4 hours), so I didn’t want to be numb for hours like I was after having Brock. I wanted to be able to go see her. I kept telling Jon I couldn’t do it. The contractions were strong and I was really hurting. At 4:40 am, I told them I had to push. At 4:51 am, after 30 minutes of hard labor, Norah Faith entered the world.

Norah Faith DePratt, 5 lbs. 10.9 oz., 18.25 inches. Our peanut.


I got to hold her a few minutes before she was assessed by the NICU team. After they checked her out, I got to hold her, skin to skin, for a while before she was taken to the NICU. I had to stay in recovery for 2 hours, so I made Jon go with her. He texted me updates. She was grunting a lot due to transition issues. Basically, she wasn’t in the birth canal long enough to get all the junk squeezed out of her and she was also a little premature. Jon told me she was singing (grunting) in the NICU <3


As soon as I was allowed out of recovery, I made the nurse take me to the NICU. I needed to see my baby.



Later, the boys came to meet her. I cannot explain how much my heart melted seeing their love for her. We don’t make our children love each other, they just do. <3


Unfortunately, what was hopefully going to be 4 hours turned into 4 days in the NICU. After 18 hours of grunting, the NICU team decided to help her out. They had sucked all of the fluid out that they could, now her body just needed to absorb it. Her body was working hard, so they put her under an oxygen hood to help her out. She was on room air almost the whole time she was under it. They also started her on IV fluids because they weren’t feeding her yet. Eating would make her work too hard and they didn’t want her to get too tired. After she was done with the oxygen hood, they started her on an ng tube. Again, they didn’t want her to nurse or drink from a bottle yet because her little body was still a bit tired from working hard the day before. So, I pumped and she got a bit of formula. Eventually, she was eating everything by mouth and got the IV and ng tube removed. (I think it was late Friday night/early Saturday morning)



We were finally able to go home on Sunday afternoon. Our complete family under one roof. We are so blessed.