Friday, March 9, 2012

Some (possibly) exciting news !

Warning: TMI in this post


This is Brock.

As most of you know, over the last 10 months or so, B has had some tummy problems. It all began at the end of May last year. B had what we thought was a stomach bug. Basically, (here’s the TMI) he was having several runny diapers a day. He had a stomach bug about 5 months before that, so we knew to try to wait it out again, do the BRAT diet, and start probiotics. At 2 weeks, I called the pedi. the told us to give it one more week and call them again. At 3 weeks, we called them back. This is when the testing began. We had to collect stool samples (nearly impossible due to the wateryness and totally disgusting!). They tested him for just about everything you can think of. Everything came back normal.

This is when we first learned that Celiac Disease could be the cause. While we waited for a GI appointment and later some scopes, we switched him to a gluten free diet. It seemed to help, so we stuck with it. His diapers were not normal, but not nearly as bad as they had been. At 15 months old, B went in for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Again, everything came back normal. So, we reintroduced gluten and dairy. Didn’t make problems worse, but didn’t make them better either.

We’ve been to the GI doc twice since November and everything, according to her, is pointing to toddler/functional diarrhea. Basically, he’s just going to have the poops until he outgrows it. Could be soon, could be a few years. Right now, we’re waiting on him to turn 2 and then planning on testing for food allergy/sensitivities. I just want to rule out EVERYTHING before we say, “Fine, it’s just something weird he’ll outgrow….”


Well, we are very happy (can’t you tell?) to report that for the past 4 days, B has had solid poos!! 4 straight days. Now, this could be a fluke and they could go back to disgusting at any moment, but for now, I’m taking it as answered prayers. I will continue to pray that we get it all straightened out, though. #1. It can’t be fun to have yucky diapers all the time  and #2. This mama does not even want to think about potty training while he has bad poos!

For now, I just wanted to share the excitement. I know some of you were waiting an update. I can’t think of a better one than this.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day

Happy very late Valentine’s Day from my boys to you :)


Sleeping Angels

One of God’s greatest gifts is a sleeping baby. There is nothing sweeter. They’re just so innocent when they’re snoozin’. I can’t help but stare at them when they’re just so angelic. So, this whole post is dedicated to my angels sleeping. <3


I have reminded myself to slow down and just take these moments in. It won’t be long before they are few and far between.

52 Project– C-I are for…

Just so you know, I haven’t quit this project yet ;) I just haven’t blogged them. Here they are C through I. Enjoy.

C is for crayons. Obviously, I didn’t save a copy of this one with the color block. Oops.



Full birthday post to come ;)