Monday, January 10, 2011

Lazy Weekend

This weekend we didn’t do a whole lot of anything. Friday night, I went to a camera store in OP. I need some seamless paper for a 3 month old session this coming weekend and I was just scoping things out. I’ll be going back to pick some up :) Anyway… That was the highlight of our weekend. Brock is eating solid foods twice a day now. We’re taking things slow because we think he had a reaction to something before. Ugh. He sure loves green beans and avocados!

IMG_3673 Jan8-10IMG_3674 Jan8-10IMG_3679 Jan8-10

Then the boys took a bubble bath :)

IMG_3680 Jan8-10IMG_3681 Jan8-10IMG_3682 Jan8-10IMG_3683 Jan8-10IMG_3684 Jan8-10

Sunday, we went to church and then came home and took naps. After naps, we just hung out and waited for snow!

Brock was silly and looked at me upside down for a while.

IMG_3686 Jan8-10

Gav put on his coveralls and waited for some snow…

IMG_3694 Jan8-10

Brock was such a happy baby. Must have been that long nap he took!

IMG_3693 Jan8-10

He loves his snail Santa brought him.

IMG_3706 Jan8-10

Next post?? SNOW DAY!

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