Monday, January 10, 2011

It’s my birthday and a snow day!

Well, happy birthday to me! We got tons of snow. Almost 5 inches as of 1:00 this afternoon and it’s been coming down ever since. I love it! I took the boys out today. Gav and Boss loved it. B didn’t like being bundled up. So, Gav and I came back in and then went back out when B was down for a nap. Here are some photos from the day!

IMG_3715 Jan8-10IMG_3729 Jan8-10IMG_3740 Jan8-10IMG_3743 Jan8-10IMG_3746 Jan8-10IMG_3749 Jan8-10IMG_3747 Jan8-10IMG_3755 Jan8-10IMG_3759 Jan8-10IMG_3761 Jan8-10IMG_3763 Jan8-10IMG_3764 Jan8-10IMG_3767 Jan8-10editIMG_3765 Jan8-10IMG_3768 Jan8-10IMG_3776 Jan8-10IMG_3779 Jan8-10

We’ve really enjoyed this snow!! I hope it sticks around a bit.

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