Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi, I’m a bad blogger.

Yeah, no other title for this. This will be another “catch-up” entry. Not sure why I’ve been neglecting this, but I hope to get better. Let’s see, I last blogged last Monday, so let’s start with Tuesday, shall we?

Tuesday seems to be my “cell phone photo” day. Brock had his 6 month appointment on Tuesday. Boy, do I hate these appointments. He definitely does not like getting his shots. I mean, who would? This photo was taken while we were waiting for his shots….


Wednesday, Gav and I rearranged his room. I also found out that he decided to steal a marker and color on Woody’s face. Shame on him ;) He’s become obsessed with reading (yay!!!) so I thought moving his bookshelf closer to his bed would be good. Jon and I snuggle in bed with him and read him a bedtime story. He loves it!!


B thought really hard about stealing Gav’s Buzz car. He tried really hard to grab it… no luck.


Later, I heard Gav in the bathtub. I knew there was no water. He was naked, playing with a bar of soap. *sigh* He also found Jon’s glasses and had to try them on. Does he look like his dad?


Thursday was a great day!!! Not only was B super duper cute in his Lightning McQueen jammies, but he learned to sit! Well, tripod, but still sitting!!! :)


How cute is he???


Gav was jealous of B’s jams, so he went and found some Mater ones. Yeah, size 12 months.


Gav also decided  he will be the one to feed Brock. Hey, works for me…. as long as B gets a bath afterwards!!


Friday. Jon stayed home (woo hoo!) and the boys took me out to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. Yum-o! Gav got a balloon sword. Well, actually he got 2. One popped and they had to make him another. Talk about tears!!!


Saturday, I took B’s 6 month photos. I am making a separate post for them because they’re way too cute to get lost in this post!!

Sunday. Jon went to Columbus to work on our rental… joy…. The boys and I stayed home.


Monday. Just lounged again. It’s a little too chilly to get the boys in and out of the car. Sorry this photo looks so blue. I just noticed it. Not going to fix it ;)



Brock can get anywhere he wants by rolling. He’s our little Roly Poly! :) Here he is sneaking things off of the coffee table…

Choosing carefully….


Going for the movie… nope, the magazine!


Gav wasn’t feeling too well.


Wednesday (Today!!) Silly boy.


“No, Mom! Take pictures Brocky!”


Next entry, 6 month photos! Be prepared for chubbiness! :)

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