Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year | 365/52 Blog

So, I've decided to do a 365/52 blog. What does this mean, you ask? Well, for me, it means that I plan to take a photo every day for a year (that's the 365) and I plan to blog those photos at least once a week (that's teh 52). Now, I'll warn you that it will most likely be 99% photos of my kids. What can I say? I love them :) I've all ready screwed up, though. I missed day #2. Yes, sue me. We were in the car for roughly 7 hours, I was tired and didn't feel like getting the camera out. I made up for it. Other days have more than one photo!
So, here's my first post of the challenge! Days 1-6 and week 1 :)
On the 1st, we had a surprise birthday party for my grandpa. I think he is the world's greatest! He had NO idea! I got the surprise on video and it melts my heart to watch it.

The birthday boy. His actual birthday is the 9th (mine is the 10th!) but we celebrated New Year's Day.

I put together a photo book for him with pictures scanned in. 80 years of memories. Everyone got a little emotional, even Grandpa.

My brother, Trey and B. B kind of just got passed around at the party ;)

The next few photos are just my boys around the house. Just hangin' out.

Santa brought Gav a new umbrella. He loves it!

Mid-sneeze :)

Gav got a new haircut. It's the first good haircut (I think) he's had since we moved here. I was about to give up!

On Wednesday, B found his feet. I love it!

After playing for a while, B crashed on the floor. Don't you just love his crossed ankles?


  1. Chunks r us....I love it!!

  2. No kidding, huh? We can't seem to make small babies!

  3. I love the photo of your Grandpa, what a great shot!

  4. Good job Heather! I love being able to follow the family...makes me feel not so far away. The little ones grow so fast, I love watching their progress and hearing (and seeing) all the cute things they do. Give them both kisses from Mimi and Papa Doug!

  5. Thanks, Jen. He's pretty awesome! :) There were about 100 people who came to the party.