Friday, April 1, 2011

Tools, coffee and shoes


Since we last met, I’ve been a very busy gal. Last Wednesday, after I posted, the boys and I went to Columbus for a few days. I had a newborn session with Mr. Nolan on Thursday morning. You can see those on my Facebook page if you want :) He was the perfect little model. He slept the entire time. I just wanted to snuggle with him. I miss those snuggly days.

Friday, the boys and I just hung out at Mom’s house, nothing exciting happened. I did get some cell photos, but I can’t share them. Why? Well, my phone is hanging out in a bowl of rice. It got wet somehow and it’s not working properly. Joy.

Saturday, I had a whole day of boudoir sessions with 4 great girlfriends. I am so blessed that my friends help me pursue this dream. I won’t share those photos though. They’re private. And… well… I haven’t processed them yet.

That evening, Brocky and I came home. Gav stayed with Gram for the night. It was a nice quiet ride home. I listened to Bart Millard’s Hymned Again. I took the time (without Gavin and Cars playing on the DVD) to sing loudly and chat with God.

Sunday, Brock and I went to Church while Jon went to Columbus with my dad. They came home with Gavin and all of Jon’s tools. Let me tell ya, Jon has been DYING to get these tools here. So, of course. I had to document their arrival.


Gavin was such a big help.


Monday, the boys and I had a pj day. Later in the day, I did manage to get them dressed… kinda. I got out Gav’s activity tray and let B have a snack in the living room. Gav helped share the snack.


This is how B likes to sit now… silly kid.


Did you notice his shirt in the last photo? I had coffee earlier in the day and it got cold. I had the cup sitting on the coffee table. B got it while I was in the kitchen. Oops. I had just gotten him dressed right before this, when he ate his snack. Clothing change again….


B’s 2nd outfit change ;) 18 months, I might add.


Tuesday, the boys and I went to a consignment sale. I got Gav a couple outfits and shirts and B got some new shoes! They’re Pediped brand and they fit him perfectly. I had a hard time finding shoes because his feet are so fat. I got 2 practically new pairs of shoes for less than half the price of one new pair. :) Score.


Speaking of new. Like my new do? :)


Bink addict :)

B is no longer army crawling. He’s a full-blown crawler! He’s as quick as a snake!


There are cell photos from Wednesday and Thursday… but as mentioned before, cell phone is unavailable right now.