Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer is coming to an end…

Now that Gavin has started school, I can feel Summer coming to an end. Days aren’t quite as hot, nights are cooler and it’s even getting dark a little earlier. I haven’t gotten my camera out much lately. I’m not sure why though. Here are some recent-ish Summer photos. Maybe when it’s 5 degrees I will look at these and feel warmer for a bit :)

We got Brock this water table for his birthday. It’s a huge hit with both boys. So much fun :)


Jon showing them how it really works ;)


So much fun, even a bink gets abandoned


Brock is totally not afraid of the water. Turning to grab a towel is even dangerous with this kid.


A genuine smile from my little stinker ♥


One night, Gavin wanted to swim. It was about 8:00, so I told him to put his suit on (which he put on backwards ♥) and we’d turn the tub into a pool


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