Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring is getting closer


Last Thursday, the weather was super warm! Jon came home early and we played outside with Gav, B was napping. No jackets! Gav got out his pedal tractor. We had fun!


Friday, I had a newborn session :) So much fun! I’ve shared them on FB.

Saturday, B and I were in Columbus for the day and went to Sara’s baby shower. I only have a few photos of Sara opening gifts. But, I did take some pictures!

Sunday, I stayed home with the boys while Jon went to some farm show. That night, Gav finally came home after a weekend with his Papa and we read Horton Hears A Who and let him sleep with us. I only have a cell photo because I didn’t want to ruin the moment.


Monday, the boys and I went to Target :) We love that place. Brock just rode in the cart like a big boy and Gav got a new pair of shoes for $4.48!!! Amazing, huh?


Tuesday, I had just bragged about how B’s skin was getting better thanks to Mary Kay’s Extra Emollient Night cream. Then he woke up from his nap with a rash all over his face. He still looked cute, so I took a few photos of him.


Gav watched TV and used the Boppy pillow to get comfy. Like his tattoos? Oh, and his gorgeous blue eyes?


My serious little guy :)


Later, Gav was a little stinker. He got in B’s swing… not a good thing. Then, he decided to try to lick my cup and drink my water!


That night, B fell asleep in the swing after bath. Just a short nap ;) I was reminded of when we first got the swing and he was a month old. Here’s the photo for comparison. Can’t believe it’s been 6 months since that first photo in the swing! He’s grown sooooo much!


After his little cat nap, he wanted to play with Boss. Boss was not interested.


Gav thought I needed a photo with all 3 of them. Ignore the living room.


Third change of clothes for the day ;) Love those blue eyes!


He told me he wanted to hug Brocky, so I got ready with the camera. Just in time for him to tackle Brock. Brock’s face is HILARIOUS!


When Gav woke up Wednesday, he had some CRAZY hair! (Yes, he’s still wearing the shirt from the day before. It’s new and it’s Spiderman. He wants to live in it).



Wednesday was a fairly nice day out, so Gav got dressed to go out. Notice the different boots both on the wrong feet. Dork.


Some of my favorite photos are bath time photos. So fun! So, Thursday night, I took some. I plan to frame these and put them in the bathroom. I have an old photo of Gav in his bathroom that needs replaced.


I love bath time eyelashes :)


Look at my baby, sitting up in the tub!


After bath, it was bottle time. I thought B looked so sweet with his bottle.


Wednesday night, we went to Jon’s coworker’s house. They let B have this Munchkin mesh feeder/teether. He liked it with apples, so today we tried it with mangos. He liked it for a bit, then he wasn’t liking them too much.


We’ve got a busy weekend coming up! I’ve also got some fun ideas for a photo session with B :) Maybe we’ll do that, too!


  1. I love all the pictures!!! So cute..especially you and Jon on the little tractor!!

  2. Anonymous4/3/11 18:25

    Keep them coming. I love looking at these and seeing all of you. Wish I was closer. Give my love to all.