Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warm weather and breathing treatments


Last Thursday, the weather was FABULOUS! Like, think 70ish degrees! In February!!! We went to “the airplane park” close to our house. There’s a small airport that has a  park by it ;) It was a little muddy, but we had a good time!


I turned around to see B laughing at the wind and sun! I turned him around ;)


Perfect size goal for Gav!


Friday, we spent most of the day shopping for birthday goodies and just getting ready for the big party. *See post below


Gav loves the self-timer on my camera. We played with it a bit. This was the best we got. I need a good tripod ;)


Papa came and stayed the night. B loves him. The weekend before, my dad came and B acted like he didn’t know him. Papa’s heart was broken. I think he made up for it this weekend :)


A new fave of Brock! I think it will be printed for the bathroom :)


Believe it or not, Gav can tell you almost every letter and their sounds! He’s so stinkin’ smart ;) Thank you Letter Factory! He’s a little obsessed. This toy is one of his new favorites.


Ignoring me

#1. Yes, that’s a hotdog in his hand.

#2. Yes, the train table is in our dining room.


B was a little under the weather, so I took him to the doc on Monday. Turns out it was just a virus that settled in his chest. Breathing treatments for 4 days. Good thing he’s happy about it ;)

My little fishy.


I can’t catch it on video (when I do, I’ll post it!) but B is a mover now! Eek!


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  1. I love reading blogs! I have one too I just don't get posts up very often. I will definately keep up with yours! The boys have grown so much since we saw you in Goodland!