Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I learned this week.

Hello, all! :) We just got back from a few days in Columbus. I promise I have photos to share, but that will be a separate post. For now, I want to just share some very important things I learned this week.

1. Don't take anything in your life for granted.
This should always be a given, but this week, I was reminded of this lesson. I am a member on an all women photography message board. A few months ago, a woman joined and told a little about herself, including that she had a terminally ill husband. You can follow her story here Sunday night, the message board got together and had a photographer come to the family's home for some photos on Monday. Brandi's husband passed away on Tuesday. My heart breaks for them.

I took a step back and just looked at everything we have. I have 2 healthy boys, a husband who provides everything for our family, anything I could ever need. We are blessed. I also took the time to realize that these things are not always guaranteed. I need to forever be grateful for everything I have at this moment. I can't imagine losing my husband right now. I pray for Brandi and Kate every single day, multiple times.

2. A newborn baby will always give me baby fever!
My good friend, Sara, just had a beautiful baby boy this week. This was actually the reason the boys and I headed to Columbus ;) Baby Nolan is just perfect. He had a bit of a rough start, but he's home now and doing fabulous! :)

Holding Nolan in the hospital made me relive all the moments of pregnancy, childbirth, having a newborn. I found myself wanting another baby, even though I have an 8 month old!! I know it is crazy, but there is nothing like bringing a new baby into this world!

3. There are two cures for baby fever.
First cure, having another baby.

Second cure, a toddler meltdown. Specifically, a toddler meltdown at 3:30 in the morning about a bouncy ball that was left in the car. So, after trying to calm Gavin down about the ball and trying to convince him that we would find it in the morning, we ended up searching the car at 3:30 in the morning. This kid does not forget anything! He also reminded me that all babies grow up to be toddlers ;) Baby fever gone.

4. I have the greatest mom ever!
She is willing to watch one or both of my boys at the drop of a hat! I got to go see Mr. Nolan the night he was born, without my boys! :) It was fabulous! I also got to go out to eat with a good friend because she took Gav to church with her. She's so great! :)

5. I sometimes like middle of the night feedings.
No, I don't want to get up every single night, but I don't mind getting up every once in a while. I realize that these days are numbered. My babies won't be babies forever. If feeding B means he'll fall asleep in my arms and snuggle for a while, then heck yeah! :) I just love when he grabs my arm and just hangs on for his whole bottle. I love watching him sleep. He is an angel. I don't want to forget these moments.

I may come back and add to this if I remember some other things I learned!

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