Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Weather

We’ve had practically no winter weather all winter. If you know me, you know I love Winter! I love snow, getting bundled up, layers, hot chocolate, everything! I was a little bummed when my birthday rolled around on Tuesday and the weather was unseasonably warm.

Here’s Gavin on my birthday last year.

IMG_3746 Jan8-10

Here he is this year….


That’s right, we went to the park. It was about 50 degrees on January 10th this year! What?!

Jon was out of town, so I took the boys to the park after school.


Now, here we are two days later. The temperature has dropped dramatically! aaaaaaaaaaaand, we have snow!! This morning I took the boys out (it was 16 degrees. Hi, I’m mother of the year) to play in the snow. Brock’s first time to play in snow :) We only stayed out for a few minutes. Just until I thought I saw their snot freezing and their cheeks got red.

Brock, at first, just kept circling my car. He was having a hard time walking and wasn’t too sure about the snow.


Gav is a snow lover! I felt bad taking them out when it was so cold, but I knew there was no keeping him away from it!




Yes, I’m the mom who takes a photo of her baby when they’ve fallen in the snow. He took a bit to get up again, but he was fine ;)


**Disclaimer: For the snow photos…. I went out with my camera and Tamron lens. Well, it had an error and was not usable. I had to use my 50 1.8 and it’s not the best lens anymore. It’s crapping out on me, so the snow photos are pretty blah.

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  1. Your boys are so freaking cute! I love B in his snowsuit.