Friday, January 6, 2012

Bath Time Fun

Tonight, I decided to get out of my slump and get the camera out. I’ve been super lazy lately when it comes to photos. Brock refused to look at the camera for the most part. That should be fun when I do his 18 month photos soon! ;)

So, while the boys were contained, I snapped some photos.

Brock’s brown eyes are so different to photograph than Gavin’s blue eyes. They just look…. dark.IMG_5847IMG_5849IMG_5852bw



Cars in the bathtub. I love Gav’s wrinkly fingers here.


Baby eyelashes and a pouty bottom lip due to his bulldog under bite


I love him.


He was being a water fountain. Obviously, I couldn’t get a photo of his leg sticking out behind him ;)


Feels good to get the camera out again. I think some new gear (soon!) will help with the slump also!

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