Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello, 2014!

Wow, 2014. That's just crazy. Before I post anything new and exciting, let's recap 2013. Shall we?

January: We announced we were expecting #3. We all (minus Jon) had a horrific stomach bug, but we lived to tell about it. ;)
February: Gavin turned 5! We got a ton of snow and now he thinks it will always snow on his bday. 
March: It's a girl! Words I never thought we'd hear. I'm so glad we did!
April: The beginning of t-ball. Oh, t-ball. Gavin is SO good at baseball, but he wasn't a fan of all the standing around. Maybe this year we will do soccer instead.
May: Big, busy month. My bros graduated (high school and college) and Trey and Carol got married. The little dudes were the cutest ring bearers I've ever seen.
June: I was beginning to get large and uncomfortable. Went to Columbus for last pre-Norah photo sessions. Snuck in photos of the boys.
July: HUGE month! First Royals game as a family, soooo hot. Norah was born, surprise! Brock turned three! No big party for him in 2013, but his 4th bday will be a HUGE party!
August: Gavin started school. Kindergarten. How is that possible?
September: My mom got re-married.
October: Pumpkin patch and Halloween! Gavin was Capt. America. Brock was Ironman. Norah was the cutest kitty ever.
November: Took a trip to western Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with my gpa. He had a rough year and it was so good to spend some time with him. 
December: Norah's first Christmas! Our elf, Snowball, returned. The kids love searching for him everyday. Don't worry, they still know we celebrate Christmas because baby Jesus was born :)

Whew! What a year!
What will 2014 bring for us? Hopefully it'll just be a good, fun year. No more babies ;)
My goal for the  year is to take out the big camera more and quit relying on the iphone all the time. I still want a new iphone with a better camera though ;)

Day 2 and I've already stayed on track! 
Okay, the first few photos of Norah are from NYE, but I had to share them. She's too cute.

And.... I promise to not make this the blog of Norah. She just happens to be around all the time. 

This one is from January 1. Brock stayed up partying with us adults all night NYE. Only one who made it to midnight. So, he fell asleep on the couch at 7:15 the next night. Sweet boy.

So, hold me to it. Ask me where photos are, if I don't post for a while. Also, remind me to print some every once in a while. I'm a slacker.

Happy New Year!

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