Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Easter (just a little late)

I’m finally getting around to posting the boys’ Easter photos. I found the perfect outfits and a great location. I had a vision. One that resulted in a large photo for the mantle. My boys didn’t like my vision ;) The only thing we got out of this fun little session?
fyi, most of these aren’t even edited…. you can see why.


After those first few tries didn’t work… I decided to get corny. Stick them in the suitcase and hope for smiles. Yeah, no deal.


These next few are the best from the day… sigh


Brock tried to blow a dandelion. I think he ate most of it.


I did get one photo for our mantle. I printed the b&w version. I’ll try again now that I’ve got my new camera (5D classic for anyone who missed the announcement!)


I’m sure glad these weren’t paying clients!

Speaking of paying clients, have you seen my new blog? It’s still under construction, but check it out anyway. Here it is

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